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Archive for August, 2012

Comments Off08-03-2012  |   10:53 AM

WOMAD 2012 with review in The Times!

The third festival in our weekend, it was a privilege to play at WOMAD’s 30th anniversary in Charlton Park. It’s long been an ambition for many of us in the band to play at WOMAD so a big thank you to DJ Yoda for making it possible. Fully match-fit after our previous two nights at Kendal and Camp Bestival, we were absolutely up for it, as were the TOTALLY AMAZING crowd, who danced their socks off. As ever, a beautiful atmosphere, the world’s finest musicians to go and see, incredible site, and lots of sunshine and good times.

Thank you so much WOMAD for having us, this was our favourite ever gig and it was amazing to be on the same line up as so many great musicains.  DJ Yoda once again wielded his supreme skills on the decks to get the crowd boogying like nutters, and we came and splatted a healthy dollop of brass over the top. The show even picked up a great review in the WOMAD coverage from The Times! Thank you Yoda, thank you Womad and to everybody who came to see us.

“European and American acts appropriating Balkan music was a Womad theme this year, with explosively energetic sets from the Israeli-American gypsy-punks Balkan Beatbox and the fiddle-playing Northern Irish rowdies Balkan Alien Sound. But better than both was the confusingly named Trans-Siberian March Band, a 13-piece Balkan brass ensemble of flamboyantly dressed Londoners, who played a hugely entertaining collaborative show with the hip-hop turntable virtuoso DJ Yoda. Lively and witty, they proved to be perfect festival crowd-pleasers.”  Stephen Dalton - The Times, WOMAD 2012 review.

And if you’ll forgive both this pun and the inexcusably loud blowing of our own trumpets, here’s a short clip of the crowd reaction at the end of the show –  wooooooohoooooooo!!

@MaeveMckeown – @DJYodaUK and the Trans-Siberian March Band smashed it at ‪@WOMADCHARLTONPK! T’was awesome.

Laura Rawlings ‏‪@laurarawlings – Impossible to raise the roof any higher ‪@DJYodaUK & Trans-Siberian March Band! Joy! Huge smiles all round ‪#womad

Cengizhan Ziyaeddin ‏‪@CengizZiyaeddin – ‪@DJYodaUK your set made my weekend at Womad and was by far the best there. Amazed.

 SomethingDifferent ‏‪@HannahWhitmarsh – @DJYodaUK you killed it at womad.. Easily the best set there!! Thankyou for making a perfect end to a brilliant weekend!!

Substandard Nerd ‏‪@substandardnerd – Wow! DJ Yoda & Trans-Siberian Marching Band.Serious contender for best festival performance I’ve ever seen ‪#womad ‪@DJYodaUK ‪@WOMADCHARLTONPK

Alex Drake ‏‪@aldrake87 – @DJYodaUK. Amaze. Balls ‪ 

Neil Airey ‏‪@samsda1977 – It’s official, ‪@DJYodaUK is a full on, card carrying fucking legend!! best set I’ve heard in years! Genius!! ‪#WOMAD

Comments Off08-03-2012  |   09:40 AM

Hello Camp Bestival!

Next up in our lunatic tour of three festivals in one weekend was Camp Bestival, in the utterly beautiful grounds of Lulworth Castle. That’s right folks, Penrith to the Dorset coast over night in a Land Rover, that’s pretty much Scotland to France :-) Amazing vibe, lovely people and great to see the family orientated counter-part to our appearance at Bestival last year.

Being on later in the evening we even got a chance to explore the site a bit and see some of the excellent Earth, Wind and Fire set on the main stage featuring some original members of the band – the best brass section you could hope to hear! This time we were in the big top, and very much being a home crowd for DJ Yoda, the tent was packed out with an absolutely top crowd who were very much up for it. Great show, great fun, and a lovely atmosphere in an extremely beautiful part of the world – thanks for having us Camp Bestival!!

Kirsty Tate ‏‪@Kirstltate – @DJYodaUK and ‪@transsibband were too good last night ‪#myhighlight ‪#campbestival ‪

Peter UnmixedMaster ‏‪@UnmixedMaster – Wow ‪@DJYodaUK and the marching band absolutely amazing ‪@campbestival ‪#campbestival

 Alice Hogg ‏‪@H0gg0- ‪@djyodauk are u kidding me? Trans siberian band and visuals… I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO LOOK.

chrissy ‏‪@missywissy11 – ‪@transsibband You guys rocked it last night at camp bestival. Hope to see that set again sometime soon. 

Comments Off08-03-2012  |   08:41 AM

Kendal Calling Festival

We had a fantastic time at Kendal Calling last weekend, playing our collaborative show with DJ Yoda on the main stage, Friday evening. Great crowd and we were fantastically looked after by the very friendly staff. Tis a very beautiful festival in an amazing location and we hope to make it back there next year to enjoy it for longer than 6 hours next time!  Here’s some pics, a video clip and a few tweets from folks in the audience. Thanks in large part to Yoda’s unsurpassed skills in getting the crowd going, the show even picked up a 10/10 review for the show from virtual!

 “DJ Yoda & the Trans-Siberian March Band (10/10) provide the most audacious festival set 2012 will bear witness to. They blend Yoda’s supreme mixing skills with brass throughout a set which doffs its cap to dub step, Dr Dre, Tetris, 80s pop and the Inspector Gadget theme tune. It shouldn’t work but it’s an outrageous triumph for all concerned. “

James Diamond ‏‪@thefailedcritic – DJ Yoda and his Transiberian Marching Band are the FUTURE OF ALL MUSIC ‪#seeyouinthefields

Sebastian Matthes ‏‪@manox_net – Amazing weather and a top set by ‪@DJYodaUK and the Tran-Siberian March Band ‪@KendalCalling! ‪

Caroline Lapperton ‏‪@carolinelaps – Had an unforgettable weekend at ‪@KendalCalling… ‪@djYodaUK my highlight…amaze!

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