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Live at the Union Chapel EP

Recorded in November 2012 at Islington’s iconic Union Chapel, this EP features six live tracks. It is available to download for just £2 – click here to buy or preview.


The Tractor-Makers’ Ball

Our first album, ‘The Tractor Makers’ Ball’, is available as a digital download from Bandcamp or The Tractor Makers' Ball - Trans-Siberian March Band, or on  CD including a 12 page booklet and nice digi-pak packaging. You can listen to the whole album on the music page of this website, and two tracks are available for free download from our Bandcamp page.

Recorded and mixed at Strongroom Studios, the Bandcamp download is available in any flavour of high-quality audio you can think of and includes 16 pages of digital artwork, a live video and our album launch poster. It costs five pounds minimum, though anything you choose to spend over £5 we will donate to Dobro, a Bosnian charity that we support. Individual tracks are also available. We’d recommend the ones with the screaming in. The iTunes download costs £7.90 and does not include additional artwork or the ability to donate to Dobro.

Likewise the CD is also available in Europe from our Bandcamp page, costs a minimum of £7 plus p+p, and again anything more you choose to spend over this price we’ll also donate to Dobro.

For CD mail-order outside of Europe please visit our cdbaby page.

A review from our CD Baby page:

“There has a been a surge of interest for the multi instumented party band with the popularity of bands such as Gogol Bordello and Orkestra Del Sol, but whatever you are expecting from this CD, wipe it out of your head right now. You might be thinking this kind of music just isn’t really your thing but put your preconceptions aside because this is the Trans-Siberian renaissance.

‘The Tractor Maker’s Ball’ is the first full album release from The Trans-Siberian March Band, a 13 + collective of reprobates currently spreading the love for their mix of Balkan ska, klezmer reggae-Russo-Mexican trumpet tunes and Ottoman battle marches across the UK and beyond. It is about the closest you’ll get to the full drama of a live TSMB gig and believe me, this band has drama. It features some of their most popular live tracks veering from the sexy vocals of poet soviet Bryony Duncan at the opening of slow starter into rampaging beast ‘Mesecina’ to the all out storming cacophony of ‘Bublitschki’ and onto the totally bad (br)ass skank of ‘Politburo Reggae’. Think Polyphonic Spree if they grew some balls and did panto.

Skilled, exciting and tight as a lib-dem budget, if this doesn’t get you dancing, nothing will.

In short, this aint no conical-bore.” - B-Face

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