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To promote our first gig of the summer with DJ Yoda, here’s a new film of our collaboration with the Deckmeister last year at Bestival – Manu Chao’s “King of the Bongo”. We’re playing an updated version of the show at the Elgar Rooms at the Royal Albert Hall on 11th July, and then Lounge of the Farm festival main stage on the 2nd August and Camp Bestival main stage on 3rd August. Tickets are selling out fast for the London show so grab one whilst you can:


NEW ALBUM on its way!

Good things come to those who wait…

tsmb mixer

…and we could not be more excited that there is a second TSMB album now recorded and in production! It’s rare to see all 14 members of the Trans-Siberian March Band in a room together except on nights with a full moon, but here we all are messing with expensive lovely equipment at Air Studios in Hampstead.


group shotThe album will be a mix of originals and our own takes on traditional Balkan and Gypsy tunes. Even bigger and better than the last, it’s mostly fast and furious but paces itself with the obligatory latin-flavoured smoochy number, a love medley and a quick blast of the Tetris theme. More brass than you can slide a trombone at comes as standard.. hints of drum&bass and hip-hop thrown in by the percussion section for good measure? Why not.

Huge thanks to Fi and Toby at Air Studios and Rob from the band for managing to herd everyone together for long enough to record us, and for all your time and effort in making it sound great. The release date is TBC, but we’ll keep you updated here as well as on Facebook and Twitter (keep your eye out for the odd preview too). You can also still get our first album and our more recent Live at the Union Chapel E.P. on Bandcamp.





balkan dancePs. we’re taking a break from our Rich Mix residency this month but we’ll be back in July. Here’s a picture of bass drum-ist and monkey-botherer Fotis leading a thoroughly enjoyable Balkan dance workshop at the May edition!









On our memorable European summer tours of 2009&10, TSMB played several gigs in Bosnia & Herzegovina, including one in the central town of Maglaj, on the River Bosna. Though not well covered in the Western press, you may have read or seen in the news that the region just had three months’ worth of rain fell in the space of a few days.

Maglaj was completely flooded. The ground floors of buildings were submerged buy contaminated water, destroying all the appliances and furniture within them. The water was so high that it even reached the first floor of buildings. 1600 homes are currently unavailable. The library and the ancient texts held with in it was destroyed, along with a 50% of Maglaj’s 700 businesses. Maglaj’s largest employer, the nitrate paper factory, employing 900 people, is currently closed.

Of course it’s not just Maglaj. The story is a similar one in many towns and villages across Bosnia and Serbia. Crops have been destroyed, factories, offices and schools shut, and landslides have moved the boundaries of minefieds and taken out buildings completely.

If you would like to help and you are in the UK, we suggest donating to the British Red Cross. We also support the Bosnian charity Dobro. They are currently helping children who are victims of the floods. If you are buying our album or new live EP (just £2!)  from our music page please add a donation to Dobro and will will pass it on to them.




Residency at Rich Mix – update

NEW: Our YouTube channel now features a Rich Mix Residency playlist. There’s ancient brass instruments and everything – check it out!

We’ve absolutely loved our monthly Rich Mix nights so far, and since we’ve just had another extension confirmed there’s plenty more to come! If you haven’t made it along yet we really hope you can come for Arthur Lea’s Bootleg Brass (and us of course) on April 16th. Here’s a reminder of the beautiful faces and sartorial expertise you’ll be missing out on if you don’t:

TSMB at Rich Mix Feb 2014 hi res